Национальный центр экспертизы и сертификации - Metrology
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Any sphere of human life is not conceivable without measurement, and uniformity of measurements is impossible without a special service for providing the uniformity of measurements. In Kazakhstan, uniformity of measurements is provided by state metrological service, as well as metrological services of legal entities.


Metrological service of JCS «NCES» was founded in 1923 and is not only the oldest but also the largest in the country, it consists of 18 accredited laboratories, located in all regions of the country, and employs more than 2 thousand units of standard equipment of high accuracy and more than 20 thousands of subordinated measuring instruments and measuring accessories.


Services in the area of uniformity of measurements:


  • verification, calibration and repair of measuring instruments;
  • assessment of the measurements status in the measuring, testing and analytical laboratories;
  • certification of measuring methods;
  • metrological expertise of the technical documentation.


Nomenclature of verifiable measuring instruments is represented by 17 species of measurement:


  • measurement of geometrical values;
  • mass measurement;
  • measurement of force and hardness;
  • pressure measurement;
  • vacuum measurement;
  • measurement of movement parameters;
  • measurement of flow of amounts of liquids and gases;
  • measurement of density and viscosity;
  • physicaland chemical measurements;
  • thermophysical and temperature measurements;
  • optical and physical measurements;
  • acoustic measurements;
  • measurement of electrical quantities;
  • measurement of magnetic quantities;
  • time and frequency measurement;
  • radiotechnical measurements;
  • measurement of ionizing radiation.


Metrological service of JSC «NCES» employs more than 400 skilled specialists with extensive practical experience in verification, calibration and repair of measuring instruments.


The main objectives of the Metrological service are:


  • metrological support of branches of economy, as well as in health care, commercial accounting and protection of the environment;
  • update and further development of the verification database;
  • expansion of the field of accreditation by the development of new types of verifications;
  • development and improvement of the appliances repair facility.


Repair of measuring instruments and testing equipment


Development and improvement of technology, the introduction of new technological processes, improving quality of products, services and labor productivity is closely associated with the introduction of more advanced measurement methods, as well as increase of number of measuring instruments and testing equipment.


Now the enterprises and organizations of the Republic have a huge fleet of technical means for the maintenance and operation of which requires special services of technical inspection and repair.


Repeated restoration of measures and measuring instruments is a necessary condition of existence of any enterprise which actively uses in their work measuring instruments and testing equipment.


To provide an extensive repair of the fleet of measuring instruments and testing equipment belonging to JSC «NCEC», and in addition to the existing maintenance department of branches, at the central office of JSC «NCEC» was opened the Metrological Repair Service in November 2009.


Services in the field of maintenance of measuring instruments and testing equipment


  • repair of optical-mechanical measuring instruments (instrumental and universal measuring microscopes, contact measuring devices, instruments for measuring angles, instruments for the measurement of roughness, optical theodolites, levellers, etc.);
  • repair of instruments for measuring the mass;
  • repair of measuring instruments for the voltage, electric current, electric resistance, electric power;
  • repair of testing equipment for equipping the food, construction and industrial testing laboratories.