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About Us

Joint Stock Company «National Center for Expertise and Certification» (JSC «NCEC») – the only company in the Kazakhstan market on providing a range of services in the field of standardization, metrology and certification of products, services, management systems and other services tending to ensure maximum satisfaction of customer requirements and forestalling their expectations. In 2008, the company received the highest international award of the Europe Business Assembly in the category «European Quality».


The company has all the necessary labor and technical resources for it in 18 branches located in major administrative centers of Kazakhstan and including the entity for confirmation of conformity (certification), standardization services and metrology services. Certificates of accreditation in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan about the right to work in the field of confirmation of conformity of products, services and management systems, are registered in the register of accreditation from December 30, 2008 № KZ.0.01.0317 and № KZ.0.01.0318, accordingly.


The company employs more than 1,400 people, 550 of whom are expert-auditors for confirmation of conformity of products, including expert-auditors of international level who registered in the IRCA, expert-auditors to determine the country of origin, as well as 313 verificators on 17 types of measurement, 37 technical experts in the area of ​​ uniformity of measurements, and 33 experts in the field of repair and adjustment of measuring and test equipment.


The company has a network of testing laboratories in all regions of the country to provide efficient operation of the certification of products/services. It offers to applicants 28 accredited laboratories according to international standards, the PCR-laboratory for the detection of genetically modified sources in food products, as well as non-destructive testing laboratory. Assay Chamber which carries out diagnosis of diamonds, pearls, precious and semi-precious colored stones with expert conclusion, testing and marking of jewelry and household items made of precious metals and stones, the centers of technical inspection of vehicles, printing is always ready to help the applicant to provide additional services


Material and technical base of the company meets the requirements of national and international standards. Testing and calibration laboratories are provided with the necessary test and calibration equipment to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results of tests and measurements. New kinds of tests and verifications of measuring instruments are regularly developed. There opens new measuring and testing laboratories.


The entity for confirmation of conformity of products of JSC «NCEC» certified products in more than fifteen countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, China, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, France, India, USA, UAE , South Korea.


Principles of perfection and "... do yourself only what you're doing better than others" are at the heart of the company. That is the statement of affairs is valued by our customers, including «KazMunaiGas», «KazTransOil», «TCO» and more than 8,000 other companies in various industries and sectors of the economy that we hold dear.


The company is included in the Unified Register of the Customs Union implementing its activities in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations on the formation and maintenance of the Unified Register of certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity issued under the Uniform.


Over ten years, the company is engaged in charity, providing financial assistance legal entities and individuals as Kazakh Society of the Blind, public funds for care and development of orphanages, shelters, boarding-school for children with hearing impairments, people with disabilities and orphans.


History of the company - is part of the history of the independent Kazakhstan, which has its roots in the distant past century in 1923, when in Semipalatinsk opened the first Verification Institution in the republic – Branch of Omsk Testing Chamber of Measures and Weights.


Much had changed over the years: the name, form of property, subordination, number of employees, number of laboratories and departments, territorial disposition, but the essence of the issues involved in general remained the same – a willingness to provide services on standardization, metrology and certification in an indissoluble complex.