Национальный центр экспертизы и сертификации - Assay Chamber
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Assay Chamber

Hallmark of Assay Chamber is the quality assurance. Expertise of of jewelry as well as precious and semi-precious stones is the primary goal of Assay Chamber. To order expertise means to get the most complete and comprehensive information regarding the authenticity of jewelry and its components - precious, semi-precious stones and metals.




  • diagnostics of diamonds pearls, precious and semi-precious colored stones with expert conclusion;
  • identification of precious stones with a view to state control;
  • assaying and hallmarking of jewelery and household items made of precious metals and their alloys imported and domestically produced;
  • technical expertise of precious metals;
  • testing of jewelry;
  • production of reagents;
  • rendering of the methodical and counseling help in the production (development) of precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones and their products;
  • fusion and refining of precious metals under laboratory conditions for analytical purposes and sales;
  • purchase and sale of scraps and products from precious metals.
  • participation in international cooperation in the development and recognition of assay hallmarks;
  • participation in the accreditation of institutions on certification of products manufacturing, services and quality systems in the fields of manufacturing and technical expertise of precious metals and their products;
  • participation in the development of normative documents (methodical, guidelines and recommendatory) in the appraisal of precious metals and their products, including rules of import, realization, buying up of products from scrap of precious metals, the order of hallmarking products with assay hallmark, the rate of loss in the manufacture of products, order of collection, processing, storage, inventory and delivery of scrap and waste of precious metals, the accounting and issuing sets of names.


Gemological laboratory


The accredited gemological laboratory is equipped with the latest Gemological equipment, which allows identifying stones in a short time on the physical and chemical properties, as well as visually with the use of special gemological microscope. Highly skilled specialists, expert-auditors are willing to hold gemological expertise of precious and semi-precious stones:

  • orally and through consultations;
  • with the issuance of brief expert conclusion, without a photograph of the object, with confirmation of the linear dimensions, geometric parameters, weight and identification of the investigated object with an indication of its quality and purity;
  • with the issuance of the full expert conclusion with a photograph of the object, confirmation of the linear dimensions, geometric parameters, weight and identification, as well as comments to the test sample.




«Assay Chamber» Branch of JSC «NCEC» was created in 2000, on the basis the State inspection of assay supervision under the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having undergone a number of reorganizations.


Until November 2, 1998 – State Inspectorate of assay supervision of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Since November 2, 1998 – as part of RSE «GosAlkoTsentr» subordinated to National Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Since August 9, 2000 till now – part of «National Center for Expertise and Certification» - engaged in assaying and hallmarking the precious metal products with assay hallmark of the Republic of Kazakhstan.