Национальный центр экспертизы и сертификации - Standardisation
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There is no civilization without standardization. The whole history of the development of standardization shows that standardization is an objective necessityas it allows to legitimize and formalize the results of the achievements of industry, science, engineering and technology. We are ready to help everyone in this.


Responsive source of information for enterprises and organizations in the production of goods and provision of public services is automated database of standards available in each branch, and the information system «Paragraph» helps you to navigate in the legal field.


Services in the standardization field:


  • actualization of standards;
  • informational support of works on standardization, metrology and certification (confirmation of conformity);
  • provision of practical and methodological assistance in the development of drafts of technical regulations, national standards, preliminary national standards and organizations' standards;
  • preparation of reviews to drafts of normative documents on standardization;
  • checking the drafts of organizations' standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan before approval;
  • preparation or checking the products catalog sheets (PCS​​);
  • preparation or checking the product labeling;
  • translation of texts and drafts of normative documents on standardization;
  • preparation of enterprises for participation in regional and national contest –«Best Product of Kazakhstan» exhibition and «Altyn Sapa», the Prize of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • preparation of enterprises for participation in the competition for corporate social responsibility «Paryz» (Uralsk);
  • expert assessment of the quality of products (Almaty);
  • development or expertise of safety data sheets (Almaty);
  • expertise of documents for metrological certification of measuring methods (г. Almaty);
  • works for preparation of documents for obtaining protection documents for inventions, industrial samples, useful models, trademarks (Uralsk);
  • provision of technical services for holding of seminars, round tables, artistic evenings upon request of enterprises (Kostanai);
  • bookbinding works, making copies of documents, booklets, brochures, labels (including self-adhesive), cafes and restaurants menus, postcards, diplomas and anniversary cards and other printing products upon request of enterprises (Astana, Kostanai, Uralsk).


Actualization of standards


Actualization – the process of maintaining standards in working condition by informing the applicant about their action, limitation of action, replacement or cancellation, changings and/or amendments to documents. Obligatory actualization is held 1 time per year according to Annual index of normative documents on standardization. Normative documents on standardization that have not been actualized are not allowed to use in enterprises’ work.


In each branch of JSC «NCEC», it is provided reference collection containing more than 30,000 documents, both in paper and electronic form, accessible to all economic entities as an aid for specialists.


Reference collection includes current versions of:

  • the national standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan - ST RK;
  • regional (intergovernmental standards) - GOST;
  • rules and recommendations of the Republic of Kazakhstan - R RK and Rec. RK;
  • international standards - ISO, IEC;
  • national standards of the Russian Federation - GOST R, the Republic of Belarus - STB;
  • methodical instructions - MI;
  • normative documents on metrology;
  • documents of the Customs Union and others.