Национальный центр экспертизы и сертификации - Technical inspection of vehicles
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Technical inspection of vehicles

The technical condition of vehicles is an important component of its safe operation. Many tragic road accidents are caused by malfunction of the car, but any surprises can be avoided if to take care of its technical condition and make technical inspection.


Technical inspection is a test of the technical condition of vehicles, including their parts, items of optional equipment for compliance with the mandatory requirements of vehicle safety for the admission of vehicles to participate in traffic:


  • passenger cars;
  • buses;
  • trucks;
  • trailers.


List of required documents for passage of technical inspection:


  • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • documents confirming the payment of vehicle tax for the current calendar year in the order established by the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the right to exemption of it (for individuals).


At the technical inspection the following parameters are checked:


  • braking control;
  • steering control;
  • visibility of glasses;
  • exterior lights;
  • wheels, tires, suspension;
  • the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases;
  • condition and function of the assembly and chassis units;
  • condition and function of other equipment (seat belts, speedometer, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.).


If the automobile is more than 7 years, the technical inspection is conducted annually. Automobiles aged between 3 to 7 years pass technical inspection not less than one time in every two years. Vehicles are not under 3 years pass technical inspection with the periodicity every 36 months. Public transports (buses, minibuses, taxis) are inspected 2 times a year, regardless of ownership, and year of manufacture.


Today it is not necessary to pass technical inspection at the place of «registration» of the car; it can be done at the regional offices of JSC «NCEC». And if the technical condition of the vehicle is normal, its owner will be able to easily obtain a certificate of technical inspection.